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In modern business, when everything is equal at competing businesses, the one thing thats sets one apart over the other is a strong brand. Emphasizing on building a strong brand is a way to compete, differentiate and stand out among the crowd. A well crafted brand identity, the face of your business, can help with that.
At Handaverk we are aware of this. We know what measures to take in order to bridge the gap between business strategy and creativity in order to strengthen your brand. A stronger brand means greater market shares and allows you to command a price premium.
Our topmost priority is to understand your business and goals, and combine our skills and expertise in order to make your business thrive. We care about you and your success.
With our experience and passion of the craftmanship of graphic design, we always thrive to create something to be proud of. We are passionate about each and everyone of our projects.

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Handaverk is a Danish-based design & branding agency established in 2016. We are deeply passionate and take pride in the craftmanship of graphic design and communication. Because of our passion, we always keep learning and educating ourselves to become more skillful. Our creative experience goes back to the year of 2004.
Our main focus is the production of brand identites, we do logo designs, stationery, brochures, signage, advertisements, editorial, print — but are not limited to these. Please contact us for all of our services.
We always strive to create top-of-the-line branding with a great attention to detail. Timeless designs are a preference of ours and something we always try to achieve. There is a beauty to design-work made 50 years ago, that still seems fresh and work today.

Our core values are craftmanship, high quality work, deep immersion into our projects and timeless & functional design. We value the importance of listening and involving our clients in our creative process. Communication between us and our clients is imperative in order to create the perfect solution for your brand.

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