“The beautiful or impressive quality of something that has been made using a lot of skill.”


These are the main steps of our creative process. Some steps may vary according to the type of project. Keep in mind that inbetween each step there are several iterations of presentation, communication and listening to feedback from the client.


When we are hired for work we usually start of with an analysis of our client. It is imperative that we diagnose and act as consultants in order to fully understand and reach your business goals. We ask as many questions as possible to fully understand your core values and purpose.
We prefer face-to-face meetings, but for shorter updates or long-distance clients we are always up for a skype-session.

Discovery and research

Next up is the discovery- and research-phase where we immerse ourselves in the project. Sketching, brainstorming, data-collection etc. happens here.

Verification and finishing touches

During our process we always present, communicate and discuss the iterations of our ideas and possible solutions with our clients. We listen for feedback and thoughts. In return we advise you about best practices and solutions in relation to your thoughts and input.
When everything finally is verified by the client, we do the finishing touches and prepare the deliveries in a sensible manner.

Implementation and execution

Finally we implement and execute our final solutions. Each project we do is different, but it could be the delivery of printed material, uploading and publishing digital solutions, delivering digital files and material etc.

Let's craft something great.

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