Grønnbæk – Logo Design

Case Study


We wanted to create a new logo for Grønnbæk, a danish medium-priced clothing brand aimed at career women at age 45+. Keywords for the clothing is casual and trendy.
The owner of Grønnbæk has a special connection with flower lilies which we wanted to incorporate in the logo.
With these things in mind, we began the process.

Process & Solution

Based on the provided information and the former Grønnbæk logo, we knew that we wanted to try something with the "G" in Grønnbæk and lily flowers.
With the target market in mind we wanted the logo to be quite elegant and clean and raise the percieved value with an almost luxurious look.
We ended up with a beautiful lettermark with two mirrored lowercase "g's" making up the shape of a lily flower. The lettermark is accompanied by a chic and very modern typeface adding to the desired luxurious and elegant look.

Rough Grønnbæk logo sketches on notebook, lying on wooden table.
Grønnbæk digital sketching process part 1.
Digital process. We didn't like the look of the "Æ", so we customized it.
Grønnbæk digital sketching process part 2.
Second and refined version. This shape is more true to a real lily flower.
Grønnbæk logo. Silver foil stamp on paper tag on black wooden table.
Grønnbæk logo on dark background.
The logo is with its simple organic strokes and curves combined with a chic luxury typeface, very elegant and recognizable.