Handaverk – Logo Design

Case Study


To showcase our process, we wanted to share a behind the scenes look into how the Handaverk logo came to be.

Process & Solution

Based on the "H" in "Handaverk" we wanted to create a lettermark accompanied by a custom wordmark.
We picked Pantone Red 032 C for our brand color, which is a symbolic reference to our deep passion for graphic design. We wanted to create a simple yet recognizable lettermark with a slight corporate feeling to it.
The sketching process began and we sketched a whole lot of different variations of both the lowercase and uppercase "H". The uppercase version seemed to work out best for our corporate look, with its nice and straight edges. After going digital, further experimentation was done.
The resulting lettermark is an uppercase "H" modified to fit into a hexagon, which turned out awesome and works perfectly both by itself or accompanied by a wordmark.
The wordmark was drawn out letter by letter, and turned out very awesome as well. We wanted it to be bold and have a neutral modern corporate feeling to it. It turned out as a simple, timeless and modern geometric sans serif style typeface, which fits perfectly into our business values and expresses a sense of corporate professionalism.

Rough Handaverk logo sketches on notebook, lying on wooden table.
Handaverk digitalized lettermark sketches 'Hv' varations.
"Hv" variations.
Handaverk digitalized lettermark sketches uppercase 'H' varations.
Uppercase "H" variations.
Handaverk lettermark refinements.
Variations and refinements.
Handverk wordmark.
The bold geometric sans serif wordmark turned out modern, clean and with a nice corporate feel to it.
Handverk wordmark.
Handverk wordmark.