Meta Plast Röchling – Safety Folder

Case Study


Meta Plast Röchling is a local corporate business, producing CNC-machined plastic parts for companies all over the world. As a step for them to live up to their strict ISO standards, they approached Handaverk when they needed a safety instruction folder to hand out to visitors of the company.

Process & Solution

Meta Plast Röchling delivered the body copy and had no other demands other than that the folder should fit into their brand identity and it should contain som specific ISO certificate symbols.
We analyzed Meta Plast Röchlings identity, and decided to base the design on the very corporate blue color used in their logo and brand identity. In order to fit in to a corporate culture, we wanted to keep the design tight, clean, clear and structured by a grid. Even more important, the information presented should be clear and easy to read.
To add some life to a somewhat boring subject, we wanted some graphic elements on the folder. We created a colorpalette consisting of shades and tints of Meta Plast Röchlings blue color, and made made a pattern out of it, to be used as a design element in the folder. The main graphic decorates the front page, while a variation of it acts as a background on the inside spread.

Vertical blue lines pattern.
Horizontal blue lines pattern.
Outside folder spread grid/wireframe overview.
Inside folder spread grid/wireframe overview.
Folder mockup overview.
Folder mockup overview.
Standing folder mockup on grey background.
If you look closely, the patteren can be interpreted as an exclamation mark.