NEO IDEO – Logo Design

Case Study


Lars-Bo, owner of NEO IDEO, wanted Handaverk to create a logo for the relaunch of the old digital agency. Lars-Bo wanted a classy, stylish and elegant logo.

Process & Solution

Without further information, we began sketching and brainstorming. It seemed clear from the beginning that our main idea was to base the logo on a lettermark consisting of the "N" and "I".
We digitalized some of the sketches, and presented them to Lars-Bo. Some of the designs seemed way too bold and did not fit into the description of beeing classy and elegant.
Several iterations later, we ended up with a simple, classy and timeless lettermark accompanied by "NEO IDEO" written in a elegant sans serif typeface with thin and simple strokes. We went with a simple black and white color palette to further radiate elegance and class.

Rough NEO IDEO logo sketches on notebook, lying on wooden table.
NEO IDEO digitalized logo wireframe sketches part 1.
Digitized sketches.
NEO IDEO digitalized logo sketches part 1.
This design was way too bold and was discarded.
NEO IDEO digitalized logo sketches part 2.
Digitalized sketches and variations.
NEO IDEO digitalized logo sketches part 2.
NEO IDEO silver foil logo on black paper.
NEO IDEO white logo on black background.
The final logo is timeless, classy and very elegant.