Nohr – Logo Design

Case Study


Magnus Vinther the owner of Nohr, a newly established danish company specializing in videoproduction and storytelling, approached Handaverk in the need of a brand identity. Nohr is pronounced the same way as the danish word for "north". This is a nod towards the companys nordic roots. Nohr wanted a raw yet clean and nordic design for their logo.

Process & Solution

After talking with Nohr about its core values and thoughts — research and sketching began.
We tried incorporating a triangle and a red color in the logo, as a reference to a north arrow — the red color could also be a reference to the characteristic camera "rec" symbol. We also experimented with a raw "rune-look" for the letters as another indicator of the nordic roots.
At the other spectrum, a cleaner and more modern nordic design-look with thin and clean lines was tried out.
During the process, we presented to Nohr, received feedback, discussed, iterated and refined, until the finished logo was achieved.
Together we decided to go for a clean, modern, and simple wordmark with thin and gently smoothed out lines, achieving a subtle nordic design-look.

Rough Nohr logo sketches on notebook, lying on wooden table.
Digitalized logo sketches overview on grid.
Digitalized sketches.
Four logos on dark background.
Narrowing down the options after client feedback.
Four logos on a mountain/forest background.
Final logo refinements overview on grid background.
Refinements and finishing touches.
Nohr logo title design on black background and widescreen bars.
Title Design.
Final Norh logo on mountain/forest background wallpaper.
Wallpaper made by request for Nohr owner.
Desktop with an imac and the Nohr wallpaper on the screen.
Final Norh logo on mountain/forest background.
Final Wordmark — Thin nordic strokes and subtle curves. Overall a clean and modern look.